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Personal profile: Peter Cornock

Attorney General’s Department 1974 to 1979;
Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW Indictable Crime) 1979 to 1981;
Solicitor Department of Corrective Services 1981 to 1982;
First Solicitor appointed to NSW Health Care Complaints Commission 1982;
Solicitor Legal Aid Commission (NSW) 1983 to 1984;
Private Practice 1984 to date.


Bachelor of Legal Studies Macquarie University 1981;
Solicitor of the High Court; Solicitor Attorney and Proctor of the Supreme Court (NSW);
Commissioned Officer Australian Defence Force.

Peter’s experience includes appearances in the following Courts/Tribunals:

High Court of Australia, Court of Appeal, Court of Criminal Appeal, Supreme Court, Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court, District Court, Local Court, Crime Commission, Military Tribunals including Full Courts Martials, Restricted Courts Martials and Defence Force Magistrate trials, Defence Force Disciplinary Appeals Tribunal, Industrial Relations Commission, Administrative Decisions Tribunals, NCAT, Federal Circuit Court, Guardianship Tribunal and Mediations.