Wills, Estates and Family Law/Defacto


A document which outlines how a person wishes the assets of the estate to be distributed to their nominated beneficiaries. There are certain requirements to ensure the will is valid. Every person should make a valid Will and should notify his/her family of its whereabouts. We offer secure storage of wills and some other security documents at no charge to clients.


A deceased Estate is all the assets of a deceased person wherever located.

Claims on Wills and Estates (Family Provision)

The law has very strict provisions regarding who may challenge a will and what must be demonstrated for the will to be adjusted. We have over 30 years experience in assisting clients with claims of this nature.

Family Law and Defacto Relationships.

We can assist you with property and parenting, domestic violence matters, alternative dispute resolution (Mediation), child support, binding financial agreements, pre and post nuptual agreements and appear for you in any court should it be necessary. We have a particular emphasis on assisting our clients to resolve matters by mediation and negotiating rather than approaching the courts.